GNC Coin

  • 6.1.2020 12:49:14

GNC COIN: Electronic Payment System

GNC Product

Preamble. GNC was prepared by members of the GNC Association who believed in an idea.
GNC, initially in Turkey and the world in the near future most widely
aims to be the crypto currency used.

GNC owners, and Turkey will be the core of a giant in the world community and all
making the region transparent and decentralized
It will create.

The GNC's goal is a simple global currency and financial
to provide an infrastructure.

This document is a decentralized blockchain, a low volatility crypto currency and
an innovative financial service that incorporates a smart contract platform.
summarizes our plans.

1. Introduction to GNC

The emergence of the Internet and broadband mobile has made billions of people
access to high-quality communications, as well as a wide range of services.
low costs. These services are available from virtually anywhere in the world today
Easily accessible with a $ 40 smartphone. This means that more people
economic growth by providing access to the financial ecosystem. Same
technology companies and financial institutions working together,
they have found solutions to help increase empowerment. For many people, financial
parts of the system are similar to pre-internet telecommunications networks. Twenty years ago sms
The price was 0.16 usd per message. Anyone using a smartphone will
You can communicate with packages worldwide for free and SMS packages are virtually eliminated
He got up.

All over the world, people with less money pay more for financial services.
Barely earned income, money transfer and transfer costs, credit deposits and ATMs
fees are very low due to many charges.

Blockchain and crypto currencies have potential for some of the accessibility and reliability issues.
has many unique features. Among them, a processor's network

decentralized management, which prevents it from establishing control over itself; with internet connection

through open access that enables everyone to participate and encryption that protects the integrity of funds

security features.
However, the existing blockchain systems have not yet been adopted at the mainstream level. Check in

Due to excessive fluctuation and low scalability of these crypto currency and blockchain applications,
they remained a weak instrument of value retention and change. This is the crypto coins so far
prevented it from being used by large masses. We supply only as standard crypto coins
We will not be in the evaluation pool due to fluctuations in demand balance.

This approach is a more cost-effective, more accessible and more interconnected global
a huge leap into the financial system